About Us

We hope that their knowledge thirst is impenetrable and guide them rightly to utiize our resourceful library and internet facilities. Basic computer education is introduced to our children from I Class

We conduct educational tours, field trips and extra curricular activities that they are bound to make schooling experience all the most remarkable

We provide an admirable infrastructure in perambalur district with good transport facilities in a very unexitable atmosphere which is harmonious for a growing child in every way. Our students will be a good example to others and an exceptional treasure to the society

  • Pure drinking water
  • Lab with modern equipments
  • Well stacked library
  • Highly secured campus
  • Clean toilets
  • Well Ventilated class rooms
  • Efficient transport facilities


Students are enhanced with moral values Our major objective of school education is to prepare students for life and guide them to develop practically.

Our Facilities

The Biology laboratoy is a cache of flora and fauna in the form of specimens slides, charts, models, photographs and microscopes. They are adding complete perfection to anatomical studies.
Our Physics Lab is furnished with all the latest equipments to improve learning skill of the students. Some of the equipments provided with the lab are Gauges, Spectrometer, Calorimeter, Stokes Viscosity Apparatus and various measuring meters to measure Light, Heat and Concurrent force.
Our talented faculty members are committed to train our students to acquire basic knowledge. Having all the basic chemicals and measuring instruments, the fully equipped laboratory is very useful for the students to get practical knowledge.
We have well furnished computer lab in our school premises.We will make sure that every child of our school learns the basics thoroughly
Our library has excellent collection of books in widearray of subjects. Learning and observing sharp the knowledge of the students for succeeding the competitive exams.
Sports and games activities are compulsory for all students. It is very important part of the curriculam, Which makes the students physically fit. Exercise and postures that bebefit different parts of the body are performed
Smart Class teaching methods enable teachers to lead students through highly fascinating and engaging visuals, graphics, animation videos and other digital materials. They transact specific curriculum concepts in class.
Music is an outward expression of our inner being which brings a pleasant environment to the student. Here, in our school through a well versed musician, training is provided
Bharatham a form of Indian classical dance, an immortal art has been provided here by our proficient trainers. Apart from education, dance refresh the students mind

Our Faculty